28 September 2011

Is Cebu Pacific the world's worst airline?

MANILA, Philippines — Filipinos are a generally patient bunch. When we encounter bad service, we tend to deal with it on the spot, if at all, maybe rant about it a little or a lot, then chalk it up to experience. Now, if the service is just way too aggravating, that’s the only time we bother to make written complaints.
...there are common and resounding cries of rude crew, crew who don’t listen to reason or are just plain stupid, incredibly long delays of flights, even cancelled flights, hotlines that are not serviced properly, refunds that take months or more than a year to obtain, overbooking, outrageous excess baggage fees, overpriced on-board refreshments, and more…all the customer annoyances imaginable, really.
...the complaints posted and those I have gathered personally run from 2007 to the present. Do the same complaints recur? Yes. And what I also saw recurring was how people get so traumatized, they end up swearing off the airline. As in swearing to never use it voluntarily again. Cebu Pacific has been called “the worst of airlines,” “the lousiest airline,” “a useless airline,” “evil”, with teeth-grinding, ears-smoking accounts from people who are mostly seasoned travelers.
Source: Manila Bulletin

Seriously, I have more friends who have complained about Cebu Pacific than I have enemies.

I'm not sure why but I would guess they're just really an apathetic group. Whenever I see a problem about an airline, I would always assume it's Cebu Pacific. 8 times out of 10, I would be right. I remember the issue about the autistic child they refused to board, that went to the news. There was also an issue of a kidney organ they refused to board on the plane (I hope no one died because of it). Delayed flights, rude employees, and unprofessional behavior are normal topics when it comes to Cebu Pacific.Truth to tell, it's been years since I have flown with Cebu Pacific. And the experience then was not at all traumatic.

But with all these constant stories I get from friends about the airline now, I am just scared witless to take that airline. Seriously.

I have an image in my head that they seem to relish the idea of accumulating bad press and bragging about it. I dread the day that Cebu Pacific is the only airline around in the Philippines. I wonder how Cebu feels since their name is attached to that airline.

I mean, if there was an award for world's worst airline, how many would nominate Cebu Pacific?