16 August 2011

Still Sexy Sirens?

Seems, my most popular site is still about Philippine Hookers. Now, much as I really want to research on the topic, it's kind of hard to find umm.. textbook references to a Philippine prostitute.

And moreover, Philippine women are not known as being prostitutes. They're more famous as really good wives. But as there are a lot of feel good stories about this, there's an equal amount of stories of foreigners ending up with money grabbing women.

My advice, exercise caution. Philippine girls, well not just Philippine girls, seem to look at marrying a foreigner as a career move and not one of love. This isn't hooking up with someone at findadateonline.com or something. They hook up to really hook up... for life. Some are even barely out of college too. That young, I tell you. It's an escape for them from their state of life.

So just be careful when you're on the lookout. Be objective and rational. You wouldn't want to end up supporting a whole family, three months into a marriage.

And hey, there's really a lot of good marriages also. Most are hookups from friends. Some from work, etc. etc. So I'm not really putting a damper on this. I'm just trying to advice you to just be careful. As long as the heart is pure, it's going to be all good.

Oh wait, how did I end up talking about marriage when we're just discussing Philippine hookers? Well, heck, it's the same. Basically, there are good prostitutes and bad ones. Just hope you practice safe sex.

Oh yeah.. there's a donate button up there. Maybe if I have enough funds I can really research into Philippine hookers. hehehe...