20 August 2011

Sexy in the Philippines

Just read Ramon de Veyra's article Short Takes This Time Out, Because I Am Tired.. He touched upon making steamy movies legal here. That was done before though... remember the likes of Lala Montelibano, Joy Sumilang, the Softdrink Beauties (Pepsi, Sarsi...), the Edsa Babies (Elsa Enrile...) and other "artists" who rode that baby in the late 80's? Who can forget George Estregan? Even Paquito Diaz and Maribel Lopez figured in one.

What is the cause of this problem that sex in movies still sell? I don't know. It's been years that movies of that sort (whether hard, soft, flacid...) have been available easily available so restricted access to it is not it. The moral police? Riiiight. These people have far more jucier skeletons in the closet than the average juan. The church? Hmmm... do all of us really get our faith in the way of our decisions? I don't.

It all boils down to us, the viewing public. I must confess, I marked out when Stella Ruiz came ou... appeared. We're far more interested in skin than plot. If we wanted plot, we turn to foreign ones. I haven't seen TANGING INA but that's probably the exception. What's my point? I don't know... I'm just writing down all the convoluted thoughts that run through my so called brain.

And also, who are we to say that this is a problem? The masses dictate that this is what is wanted. That's why the term: Ruling Masses (wasn't that the "ruling elite"? ahhh never mind). The "Intellectual" elite is only a drop in the bucket. If they want something else, group them all together, tell them to cough up the dough and make one that they like. See if people will watch it. Where do I fit in? I probably am part of the Apathetic Elite; not my money.

Let's face it. Sex sells. Absolutely. And producers here have only one motivation: PROFIT. Unless it's something that is really ENTERTAINING that people will go and watch, sex is what everyone here wants and buys. We're stuck with the ones that click: Skin. Breasts. A peek of sunshine.