17 July 2011

The Ugh of Being Psychic

Yep. I have embraced the fact that I am psychic. True or not, I will own it.

But it gets frustrating sometimes.

I re-opened my old site Coffeespark a month ago. It was a self help site for people needing advice. But after I guested on an internet podcast as "Jobert the Psychic Dude", the site has become more of a psychic question site.

Nothing bad about that. It's still a pseudo help site but it's me dishing out my psychic blather.

Now, it's again changed to a stump-the-psychic site. Questions on name, color of the house, etc. etc. has begun springing up.

If I want to spend the whole night just making a fool of myself, I'd just probably go to a bar and drink myself silly. Or just go trolling on some other site. It's just sooo frustrating.

But I do think that I still help out others despite this. I just fear, knowing myself, that this will just escalate and I'll end up closing Coffeespark again.