11 July 2011

‘Bukas-Kotse Gang’ victimizes former ambassador and Navy man

MANILA, Philippines – A former ambassador and a member of the Philippine Navy fell victim to the “Basag-Kotse Gang” in Pasay City Friday, police said Monday.
Citing reports from the Pasay City police, Southern Police District spokeswoman Chief Inspector Jenny Tecson said that unidentified suspects smashed one of the windows of owned by former ambassador Milo Barry Gusi’s Mistubishi Montero (PJI-648) before ransacking the vehicle for valuables...

With Maricaban just a stone's throw away from the Resorts World area, it's not surprising to have crimes like this happening around there. Maricaban is a known haven for criminals, drug pushers, and addicts.
I heard that a lot have been complaining already about the crimes there but no one's reporting it since it will affect the business in the Resorts World/Maxims area.