29 July 2008

Batman R.I.P.

I am sooo extremely disappointed with the latest Batman movie, The Dark Knight. I mean, they literally changed The Batman's history.

What an outrage! I am sooo pissed! Embarrased even!

How could they make Harvey Dent be The Batman when we kno..

** Ten minutes later **

Uhurm.. I think I should put off my Dark Knight review until I watch the movie again up to the end. At least it's still showing here in the Philippines.

Anyway, sooo.. instead of the movie, any reaction to Grant Morrison's new story arc, Batman R.I.P.? I mean, this is gonna be a doozy. I always liked Frank Miller's reboot of The Batman when he did Batman: Year One and this new reboot, is kinda off kilter for me. And mind you, getting a copy of here in the Philippines is becoming a pain.

But then again, Batman R.I.P. is really beginning to show legs. Hope Mr. Morrison, delivers. He has delivered time and time again. But bringing in Thomas Wayne? ugh...

People always misconstrue that I am an out and out Batman fan. That, I am not. To bring you into my little secret, I am an avid Joker fan. Truly I am. My all time favorite comic book, after Frank Miller's Man Without Fear, and Batman: The Dark Knight Returns is Alan Moore's The Killing Joke. Until now, I still firmly believe in The Joker's "all it takes is one bad day" theory. Read the book and you'll get it.

Anyway, let me get back on you on this Dark Knight thing. But heck, seriously, I know it rocks big time. I know it's hard to not be arrogant, but the fanboy in me just scoffs at the people who approach me singing praises over the movie but has never even understood the character in the his natural medium which is the comic book. Sometimes I'd just casually ask if the person is a long eared or short eared fan just for that puzzled look.

Don't know what's that about? Ask a real Batman fan. hehe.. Oh well, I'm a jerk. I'm more of a jerk now since I haven't really been in touch with the goings on in the comic world for years now.

At least I can see one cat smiling all the way to the bank with this... well, if there are banks in heaven of course...