10 March 2008

Australian Icon's burial site found

Scientists in Australia believe they have found the grave of 19th Century outlaw and national icon Ned Kelly.

His remains are thought to be among those of executed prisoners found on the site of an abandoned prison in the southern city of Melbourne...

...After two years on the run, police finally caught up with Ned Kelly and his gang.

The outlaw made his own armour by beating plough blades into shape and walked towards police with guns blazing. He was shot 20 times but survived....

So Australian outlaw Ned Kelly made his own body armor, Clint Eastwood did that same thing (well, almost..) in the movie by Sergio Leone, A Fistfull of Dollars.

If that movie seems a bit dated, well, Marty McFly copied Clint in Back To The Future Part III.

I wouldn't be surprised if someone also did the same in a Philippine movie.. hehe