10 September 2007

J and S Surfing Company

Attention all Surfers in the Philippines! Hey hey guys! Just want to let you know, my good old buddy, Spencer, has opened a brand spanking new Surf Shop in the Philippines. Seems surfing is the latest craze to hit the Philippines. And it is real hard to find a hard core surf shop here, like the J and S Surf Company (that's the name of the surf shop.. hehehe). Anyway, he's carries all the hot brands like Airush, Dakine, BZ, Xcel, etc. etc.

And he's got a website for the surf shop! Just click the link and it'll take you there. He's has a real cool surfing forum for the Philippine surfing enthusiasts at the website. So all you surfers know where to go with all your cool stories, crazy tips and frantic questions.

So go! Click! Surf! And surf!!

Do I surf? Hehehe.. yep I do but instead of a surf board, I use a mouse. Nyuk nyuk. I don't think I'm cut out for surfing. Here in the Philippines, I'd probably be mistaken for a beached whale when I'm lying in the sand by the ocean.

Oh wait, I did lose a hefty amount. Maybe not a whale, probably a dugong.

Oh and contact info? I'll post it once I get it from Spenks. All I know is the address:

J and S Surfing Company
Ground Floor, Solid Building
Pasong Tamo Extension
Makati City, Philippines.