19 August 2007

Blogging in the Philippines

I should file this under Foot In Mouth. That should absolve me of any faux pas or get into a head to head fight with people of strong opinions. Hehe...

Well, it seems I missed out on a real roller coaster of an issue about Philippine bloggers. Only when I paid a visit to the ever strong and resilient Ca t did I find out. Too bad it's over and apologies have been made. People starting to go back to their keyboards and worrying about their carpal tunnel syndrome.

And here I am worrying about ring burns but that's another story...

Where was I? Oh yeah, Ca t's post.. hehe. Let me get this out in the open first. And mind you this is my opinion:


It's not for the greater good of the masses. It's not for world peace. Not even for the reinstatement of Firefly. It's about sounding off one's own views about an issue or whatever. You want cold hard facts? Go visit Wikipedia. Although that site seems to be the target of subjective minded individuals as well.

Now, if you want your intestines (big AND small) to be ripped from your gut and laid out end to end in exquisite pain and blind numbing rage or get you into that yes-I-have-found-one-of-my-own -kind-and-of-my-own-thinking-ahoy!-ahoy! kind of feeling then go to a blog.

I mean, you can't get as subjective as a Bill O' Reilly, Arianna Huffington or even a Carlos Celdran. And that's what I like about blogging and visiting blogs. The diversity of thinking around just blows one away. As long as you are respective enough of that person's opinion.

And heck! I respect probloggers and all but I can't really get into that kind of groove. You know what I mean? I maintain this small and inconsequential form of a blog because I like to blog. That's it. Make money out of it, sure. But to put earning from one and prioritizing that ahead of enjoying the pure bliss of writing is somewhat a sacrilege for me. I'd rather join the latest get quick rich pyramid scheme than blaspheme this little spot of virtual earth that I have.

Oh wait.. I did join a pyramid scheme. Hmm.. Maybe I should get into problogging now.

My take on this blogging conference, seminar, etc. etc. is that it's a soapbox to stroke one's ego. I have met people who after introducing themselves follows it up with their URL. Waiting for the obvious, "Oh! So that's you!" kind of reaction.

"Yeah. Hi! I'm Joe Smith. iamabloggodworshipme.com? And oh, here's a photocopy of my google adsense check so you know I'm earning from this too. Kneel before me! Kneel before me! You are not worthy you inconsequential blogger you..."

Ugh. Please.

I mean, what does take place in a blog seminar? What would be more useful would be a blog grammar seminar. I mean, have you seen some of the stuff out there? Ugh. Whip out your third grade teacher for a little corporal punishment.

No one person or group can claim authority about blogging in the Philippines. It can't happen. It's like saying one is the noodle specialist of Chinatown. It's all over and most a person can muster is a very small and minute percentage of bloggers out there and make it appear that they are legion.

It's all about the marketing. It's all about the moolah. It's not about the blogging.