15 March 2007

What's New?

Personal Post.. just skip if this isn't your thing.

Yup. I'm the Sales and Operations Director of an itsy bitsy company. This is our lead product. It's available in Mercury Drug, Watson's, and Seven Eleven. Do try it out. Or just help out by asking if it's available at those stores listed above. If you drink and hate those hangovers, this will help. You still get that alcohol buzz without the next day fuzz. hehehe. Click the link or image for info on Chaser: Freedom from Hangovers.

Now after that real blatant plug...

I'm doing the radio thing again, and up to now, people think that what i do there is something i do for money. Bzzzzt.. wrong. Hehehe... I don't get paid nor do I charge for anything. It's free. Basically I do it to relieve stress and have fun.

If you guys dropped by to post questions.. just email me at breakfastdude at gmail. that's gmail.com. .hehehe... I'll try and answer your questions from there.