20 March 2007

PC Games Delivered to the Philippines

This service is real cool.

I know, i know... I sold out to the system.

But wait... I didn't.

You know how hard it is to get decent ORIGINAL PC and Console games here in the Philippines? Very hard. And very expensive. For one thing, Play-Asia is offering World of Warcraft at only PhP 1217 with free delivery here in the Philippines. A computer store here sells it at over P3000! That's why I like this service. Fast, cheap, and dependable. Plus it's a real come on when they offer free deliveries to the Philippines on some products. They also have Worlod of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade for only PhP 2196.

So, getting those PC and console games faster and cheaper than any other retailer store here in the Philippines is so worth it that I don't think that I sold out.

I prefer to think that I just bought in to the system....