07 April 2006

Ummm... is my 15 minutes over already?

Boy! Was I surprised with the deluge of hits I got these past two days. And it's all because of that blue box right below my Day by Day Cartoon.

That my friends is a Google Related Link Box that I put on top of the Google Ad Link. The way they complemented each other, I thought looked cool. So I mentioned it in Google Blogoscoped (since that's where I discovered the box in the first place). Next thing you know, Philipp Lenssen posts about it and dang! I'm getting hit from sites which I don't even understand the language it's written on!

And it still keeps on coming. I'm being hit by SEO sites from all over!

I'm not sure about the TOS regarding my comments on the Link Ads but it's true, those seem to be performing much better than before. And the other units doesn't seem affected at all...

Now if only I get to be mentioned in TWiT. That would round off a real cool day. And yes, I am dreaming.

If that doesn't happen (as if it would) then at least this is one more idea that we can proudly say came from the Philippines.