22 March 2006

A Blog Rant about Blogs in the Philippines

Is it me or is the trend for new and upcoming blogs is not about content anymore? It seems most are preoccupied with getting link backs and hits. Why is that?

Just like the old addage that the three most important things in retail is location, location, and location. Blogs are about content, content, and content. It's not about how many links to it. Or how many hits one gets. It's about ummm... dang if I know! But my point is that it's not about that. Oh yeah. It's about content.

The Sassy Lawyer seems to be experiencing a link related problem now. Some blogger has been baiting her so she'd link back to him. That's just not right. Sassy nailed it right when she said;
...For whatever it’s worth, I’m not a traffic whore nor a links whore which he obviously is. Excuse me, but we’re not on the same level....

I try and avoid posting for hits. Operative word here is "try". I mean, when some piece of news that is a guaranteed hit generator comes up, I don't join the bandwagon and post it just for the hits. I post something because it's interesting to me. I have posts here that are just way out there and that the only person that would interested in it is me and some green faced alien that's related to the cousin of the neighbor of Xenu who's oozing with thetans. I even avoid joining blog groups or activities since that's not really my cup of tea.

Whenever I see that my Philippine links is the most visited, it gives me a good feeling. I somehow feel good that somewhere, somehow, someone learned something about our authors, scientists or whatever. Even a check from google for a thousand dollars wouldn't beat that. Well... maybe a check for two thousand dollars. But I'm digresssing.

I miss the early years when blogs where about blogging. Jet's last post was the 10th of January. Even cbsmagic has limited his posts to a few a month. They are and will always be the epitome of Philippine blogs to me. I have links to blogs I visit everyday. I like them because they blog from the heart. I limit my links to just 13. No more and no less. The reason is because that's the most I can go to given my time.

I do have some ad links here but that's more for fun than profit. It's more bragging rights that I get a check from google once in awhile but to make it so that it's become the main reason for blogging? That's just not right. Oh wait, a two thousand dollar check could make it right. But I'm digressing.

The reason the greats are up there like MLQ3, Jessica Zafra, and Sassy is because they don't post for hits. People write stuff because they want to be heard, they want to write, they want to blog, not to be oggled at. I hate to bring this up but I remember when Retzwerx was a real cool place to go to for Pinoy Big Brother news. Now, it's just a summary of the goings on and screen caps and chock full of ads. Maybe that's the direction of his blog now but there was a time when his site was way better than the official site. It had more meaningful content. I guess PBB learned from it's mistakes and really spruced up their site. That site is way more interesting now with real content. I could be wrong here but hey, this is just my opinion. What went wrong there? I guess it was the time when he started using the full names of PBB contestants during season one in all and I mean all his posts. To the point that even the verb say became Say Alonzo. The name of one of the contestants. No offense meant Retz, just stating my opinion.

Heck! I wasn't even aware of my page rank until two weeks ago when Yuga brought it up in his post.

I post because I like to post. It's therapy for me. I'm in no position to force my belief in others. I don't or even intend to insiu.. insenuat... ummm... come off as a high and mighty honest to goodness, true blue blogger. Whatever reason other philippine bloggers blog is not my problem. Nor am I in a position to dictate. I just want to unload whatever is in this small brain of mine.

So that being said, what's the whole reason for this post? There I go again. I guess I forgot to take my lithium again...


Well, Yuga posted another side to this situation. The Problogger's side. Where traffic is essentially important...