05 February 2006

Wowowee or is it Wow Wow We'll be number one now in no time!

So I guess every Philippine blogger has put in their two cents worth of opine about that dreadful disaster.

I won't go into how it happened. Not even why it happened. Or who should be blamed for it.

What gets my goat is how the organizers claim that the show is helping the poor. Ack! It's a game of chance. Not everyone goes home with a million pesos! No one checks the poverty level of the contestants. Out of the fifty or so people who join everyday, only a handful goes home with something. If they really wanted to help then they would give it out ummm... outright. Not guess where the winning box is. It's all sheer marketing people. It's like the Lottery. It's chance! I'm not a charitable person so it's not right to bang on these so called charitable actions but dang! Talk about exploitation.

Checking the networks website, www.abs-cbn.com, there isn't even an official statement, a notice or letter of apology to the bereaved. Granted that it's not all their fault, no one thought of putting up an official statement on what happened. Even the link to the newspot is directed to another site. It's as if the network is not part of the show (or is it the other way around). Bad form guys, bad form.

Oh and how would the reparation be for the 88 that died? If logic dictates, if the tragedy didn't happen, maybe one of those died could have won the million. So wouldn't it be fair that the reparation be at one million for each dead person? Or how about the injured? Can it be the same amount? I can't wait to see what ABS-CBN would give for assistance to these people. But I'm pretty much sure the ratings for the show will go up on Monday. Expect the network to milk this opportunity to the brim. And if they do it right, expect the network to brag that they're the number one noontime show in the Philippines. All because 88 people died. In that case, the one million per person is a small amount to pay the bereaved...

The contest is called Pera O Bayong (Money or Bag), but in this light it's Pera o Kabaong (Casket)...