05 February 2006

The BBC, Top Gear, and the Search for the Holy Grail

FOR 2,000 years the Holy Grail has drifted in and out of vision like a jewelled chimera, taunting generations to find it. Was the fabled cup from the Last Supper spirited from Jerusalem by Christian knights, or is it an unimaginable secret about Jesus himself? Why don't we ask a presenter of the BBC motoring programme Top Gear to find out?

Richard Hammond and the Holy Grail, an hour-long BBC1 documentary, is the latest offering from the mini-industry spawned by The Da Vinci Code. The Holy Grail has long fascinated Christians, but the 30 million sales of Dan Brown's book have propelled the legend to stratospheric popularity. From spin-off books to TV and even £144 Da Vinci Code breaks from VisitScotland, everybody wants a slice of immortality.

Richard Hammond... for some reason I'm getting an image of Ceylons, Commander Adama, and the Battlestar Galactica.