20 February 2006

Haunted Places in Philippines

Baguio City - Diplomat Hotel - This was a Seminary during the early 1900, world war 2 came and several priest and nuns were killed some of them beheaded by japanese occupying forces. This was converted into a hotel after the war. In it self it was pretty eerie, big rooms with to king size beds bibles at the side tables and the rooms are dimly lit. Clerks, bell hops, and hotel guest, complain of wailing even during day time, and when night comes, apparitions of headless priest roam the corridors, some even say that they see ghost carrying their heads on a platter. Haunting s are not limited inside the hotel for when you stroll outside the compound you would see neighboring houses with crosses painted on their doors and windows, and are kept shut when darkness falls.

This and tons of other haunted places in the Philippines. If you want to start on a ghost hunting trek this could be one of the sites you'd go to initially. This site covers the haunted places all over the Philippines. It's a cool read specially at night when you're all alone and only the light of your monitor and the sound of your PC fan to keep you company.

I'm just waiting for those Ultra Victims to start haunting that place. The ULTRA Stadium I mean...