01 February 2006

Dell to Hire 5,000 People in India

NEW DELHI — Computer maker Dell Inc. said Monday it planned to add 5,000 jobs in India over the next two years, bringing its work force in the country to 15,000.

Dell is also looking to set up a manufacturing center in India, a move that could help boost the sale of Dell computers here, President and CEO Kevin Rollins told reporters after a meeting with Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh.

It was announced August last year that Dell was to open a call center here in the Philippines. According to the report, it will be the American company's second call center in Asia that will cater to Dell's global market. The first is in India.

Well, according to the this latest news bit, India now has 3 Dell Call Centers compared to the one here in the Philippines. I'm not sure but I think the Philippine call center isn't even operating yet. I wonder what the snag up is. I do hope it isn't any of those greedy politicians lining up to milk this for what it's worth.

Dang! That's 5000 more jobs here if we were considered. Granted that the Philippines is ahead in terms of communications skills but I guess India is more supportive of the industry...