01 February 2006

Catholic Church dictates Government policy? Welcome to the Philippines!

AN AIDS crisis threatens the Philippines as the number of people who are HIV carriers has doubled in just over three years, the health department warned Tuesday.

A Department of Health study projected the number of Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) carriers to have risen to 11,168, from about 6,000 in 2002, Health Secretary Francisco Duque told reporters.

...He urged the church to allow the government to promote condom use among the faithful in this mainly Catholic country.

This is just wrong in so many levels.

  • One, I think there is something called SEPARATION OF CHURCH AND STATE.
  • Two. Public trust warrants that government will always act for the greater good. (Okay, I made that up).
  • Three. Why prejudice other religions that allow condoms?
  • Four. If that's the case, tax the Catholic Church and use the proceeds for HIV/AIDS treatment and research. See how fast they (the Church) react to this and point out that there is such a thing as SEPARATION OF CHURCH AND STATE.

    I mean, who's persecuting who now? I half expect the Spanish Inquisition to pop up in every bedroom by now.

    I have to point out that I am a roman catholic. But I don't get that in the way of my faith.

    *oh and notice how the reporter just buries this oh-so-juicy soundbite (newsbite?) at the END of the report...