13 July 2005

Play World of Warcraft Offline

ADDITIONAL: Official Blizzard World of Warcraft is Free to play now!

And don't forget the coming expansion, Mists of Pandaria! Click to find out Blizzard's latest promo of a free mount (Tyrael’s Charger) and getting Diablo III also for free. They really are desperate now to keep the subscriber base since a lot has left Azeroth.

Popular online role-playing game World of Warcraft (WoW) is to be offered free up to level 20.
Previously fans of the game, which has 11.4 million subscribers, had to pay a monthly fee of £8.99.
Under the new system, players will be able to build an unlimited number of characters...So, now, after years, Blizzard has opened up and offered World of Warcraft for free. They chucked the 10 day trial period and went with the play for free model with NO TIME PERIOD! Hope this builds up the player base of the game.
They've even stripped down the price of the game and offered World of Warcraft in a package where The Burning Crusade is free! Talk about a bummer. I had to pay for mine.

Of course, for full disclosure, I'm part of the affilliate program here. But heck, this one gives a US$17 discount. And it's free delivery within 48 hours anywhere! Including the Philippines!


"Play World of Warcraft Offline!!! (rare!!!) im selling and also spreading the word for all you blizzard world of warcraft fans around who wanted to play warcraft without paying and connecting online. here's the only way you can play if. they call it private server. it has been proven and I myself is playing it. no need for any cd key's, will work with any world of warcraft disc or originally installed cd..."

One of my friends stumbled upon it and is hooked on playing WoW offline. He got it from an advertisement and didn't even had to pay for it.

What?! Who would want to play World of Warcraft offline? I read that on Ebay. Ugh. That just defeats the purpose! Although I do hear that you can hit level 80 with one mob. Level 1 to 80 in a few secs. And epics galore. It's not my cup of tea, really.
As for me, I'm turning blue from holding my breath for World of Warcraft Philippines. Come on Blizzard, up and at 'em! World of Warcraft Philippines! Guild Wars is here already, it's up to you to up the ante! And let's not forget about Skyrim or Star Wars!

That's a bit too much exclamation points but for World of Warcraft Philippines, that isn't even enough...

This service is real cool.

I know, i know... I sold out to the system.

But wait... I didn't.

You know how hard it is to get decent ORIGINAL PC and Console games here in the Philippines? Very hard. And very expensive. For one thing, Play-Asia is offering World of Warcraft real cheap with free delivery here in the Philippines. A computer store here sells it at over P3000! That's why I like this service. Fast, cheap, and dependable. Plus it's a real come on when they offer free deliveries to the Philippines on some products. They also have Worlod of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade.

So, getting those PC and console games faster and cheaper than any other retailer store here in the Philippines is so worth it that I don't think that I sold out.

I prefer to think that I just bought in to the system....