23 May 2005

World of Warcraft gone mad!

This is crazy.

I was just within reach of a copy of World of Warcraft and it slips thru my fingers! Some of my friends have a copy and are now in the process of ruining their social lives for good. Why can't I have one? I mean, I don't even have a life to screw up!

But until now, World of Warcraft is still nowhere near procurable! Even the chance of getting World of Warcraft Philippines to open is slim. How I pine to visit Azeroth. Battle unarmed wizards. Order around measly peons.

My sad devotion to that ancient religion has not helped me conjure up the World of Warcraft data discs, or given me clairvoyance enough to find where to procure them. Ack! I find my lack of faith disturbing.

Santa has passed. The Easter Bunny is hibernating.

Obi Wan. You're my only hope.