23 May 2005

Donna Cruz is not a battered wife

I usually shy away from this kind of stories but these quotes are pricelss...

"I don't know where people get this idea. It probably came from Cebu,' Donna told Inquirer Entertainment. 'There are other stories that we hear only there. [For example,] people say I gamble. I don't even know how to play mahjong...

She doesn't know how to gamble because she doesn't know mahjong? It's like saying I'm not an arsonist because I don't even smoke.'

"...In a separate interview, singer Geneva Cruz, Donna's cousin, also told the Inquirer: 'Yong would never hit Donna. He's an ophthalmologist; he really takes care of his hands. It's important that when he handles patients, he's not pasmado (shaky, sweaty hands)...'"

Wife beaters have shaky, sweaty hands. Remember that.

Please. Pretty please. With sugar on top, hit me on the head with a mallet. I've lost all sense of logic.