21 May 2005

Marinating Part Deux

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So there I was in a bar having a conversation with one hot mama.

Yes. She's a hot mama, since at that point, I felt I was going to score. And as most bar room stories are, they're always hot mamas.

Oh alright. She's not. She's actually a svelte long legged super model tired of galavanting around the world and in a matter of a few minutes has decided to chuck it all out the window and settle for a simple boring life with me. There. I've been honest.

Now, back to my story...

I was going to score that night.

In the middle of the conversation, the band (did I mention that it was a live band playing? No? Must have slipped my mind.) started playing some upbeat songs. Her eyes twinkled and she looked at me and said, "You want to dance?".

Being a nerd god, those four words are like what ice cubes are to wine. You may put ice cubes in but you just lose the class and the sophistication.

But, with alcohol, the prospect of breakfast in bed, and her being ummm... interested in me, I managed to gather courage to walk to the dance floor with her. I beleive the song, "Play that Funky Music" was playing. And so I started to do my moves.

I am not sure but it must have been when I managed to step on her feet three times or when my hand shot out and nearly hit her in the eye was what caused us to sit down. I mean, the head butt was entirely her fault. She was swaying in the wrong direction. But when we sat down, she was completely different.

She was cold. Not out cold, you ninny. Dizzy I could understand. Hurting, well maybe a bit. But cold? I mean, who invited who to dance?

Well, after a long time of silence, she hurriedly looked at her watch and said that it's getting late and she has to leave already. Before I could say anything, she thanked me for keeping her company, stood up and left.

As she went out the door, a thought crossed my mind. It made me want to stand up and go after her. I was, really. I just needed the push or the motivation but no one was there to offer it. In the end, I couldn't. I just sat down and chalked it up to experience. It was a sure fire way to get her back, and I blew it.

You see, she forgot to pay her bill and I ended up stuck with it.