19 May 2005

Marinating in Perfume

So I was at this bar.

Bartender and I were busy concocting some cocktails that would feature our products. Basically it's rhum and something that's around 80 proof.

I was two steps shy of drunk when we hit the perfect drink. It was absolute bliss! Seriously, it was hot and humid outside but that drink just was refreshing as a dip in a pool of ice cubes on an oasis at the middle of the sahara desert.

Plus it packed a whallop the size of a wrecking ball falling on a house of cards. Smashing.

I had five of those drinks.

No kidding. It was that good. Needless to say, I was red as a lobster by then.

Suddenly, the scent of perfume wafted around us. Turning to my right, this hot mama of a package sits beside me and orders a beer. Bartender looks at me and gives me the 'nudge nudge wink wink' look.

I swear! The song "Against All Odds" by Phil Collins starts playing.

Girl looks at me and says, "Why do I always hear sad songs?"

"It's only sad, when there's reason to be.". Admittedly, one of the most cheesiest lines ever uttered in a bar.

Surprisingly she smiles and introduces herself. As do I.

I apologize for looking a bit inebriated and explain to her what we were doing.

She laughs, "Tough job, you have there."

"I know. I hardly drink but ****** here wanted to show off his bartending skills. Want to try our latest creation?"

She agrees and in less time than a goldfish would forget what direction it was last swimming in, there were two drinks in front of us. She takes a sip and suddenly her face lit up.

"This is good!", she says beaming, finishing up the drink.

"Thanks. It's a cross between a mojito, long island iced tea and gasoline", I say as I downed my sixth. The bartender serves the girl another which she accepts gladly.

We started talking. And it seemed like hours. She had two more beers while I sheepishly moved to just drinking water. Our conversation moved from the music, the nightlife, her life, etc. etc.

Now, let me interrupt my story. Let's talk about communication and signals here. At that time, I was really picking up cool vibes from this woman and the signals were clear and distinct.

I was going to score that night.