15 May 2005

Bar Talkless

So I was sitting in a bar. Minding myself.

Then a friend comes in and sits next to me.

"Well, helloooo.", she says. "Long time no see. How's life? D'ya know, I was wondering how things were with you. So? Out with it!"

"Hey there.", I say.

Before I could continue. She whips out her cellphone and starts texting (sending SMS messages).

"Don't mind the phone. I'm listening. I just have to fire off some off some messages. How's you car situation?" She says while her thumb starts pounding away on the keys of her cellphone.

I finish off my drink.

"Nothing really. Still walking the streets. After the third accident, I'm on probation for a couple of months".

She doesn't look up and keeps reading off messages and replying to them. "Wow. Well sooner or later you'll get your car back.", she says in a monotone voice.

"Yeah, I hope so. Oh listen, I gotsta go. Have to meet someone. Hope everything's fine with you." I say as I sling my bag over my shoulder.

"Too bad. But it's real good to bump into you. See next time. Bye", She answers.

And I swear, without lifting her eyes off the phone she gives me a slight peck on the cheek.

I leave and as I look back, there she was giving her order while still clinging to her cellphone without even looking at the menu or at the server.

I remember the days when phones were there to keep people closer.