07 May 2005

Bar Talk

So I asked the dude, "What's the problem?"

Dude answers, "My girlfriend is mad because I sent her a text message that reminds her of the way one of her exes text when he's mad."

"Why, was it one of those sweet syrupy forever and always kind of message?"

Dude looks at me blankly and says, "No. It wasn't. It was one of those 'it's two in morning where the f**k are you' kind of text message."

"No wonder she's mad.", I say.

Dude takes a sip out of his coffee (?!) and stays silent for a few seconds. "I was just worried. Well... ok, a bit pissed but wasn't I right to get pissed? I was, yes, but I wasn't yelling and cussing mad. It was more a sarcastic remark kind of mad.", he looks at me helplessly. "I was just bullfriggin' worried! And where did that ex text comparison come from? I mean, to be even compared to someone who isn't there anymore is even insulting. Right?"

"Dude.", I tell the dude. "When it comes to these kind of arguments, it's hard to really clear em up or let alone, understand them." I take a sip out of my glass. "That's why man invented funeral flowers and Vodka"

I take another sip of my vodka/oj drink.

"It's either you drink yourself in a stupor or you die from the insanity of understanding what goes on in their minds". I give the dude a nudge and ask him, "So, what happened in the end?".

"I apologized", the dude says as he grabs my glass and finishes up my drink.