08 May 2005

Air Conditioned Jacket

"It keeps you cool and makes you look like a bloated marshmallow man all at once...

The Air conditioned jacket... That's what I need right now to beat this gold-darned heat! I mean, the amount of sweat I pour out just matched the amount the food I eat. Total equilibrium, I tell you! And now that I'm sans wheels, I feel like one of those zombies in Cambodia.

If I didn't crash (I prefer scratched) the car, I would still be driving and have gotten an edge off of this heat. Thank god for car insurance! Else, I'd be still paying the other person thru the nose. I did try and ask to be issued another vehicle but it's still being evaluated. The woes just keep piling up.

What was the subject of this post anyway, oh yeah.. the jacket...

That looks cool.