03 March 2005

Upside Down? More Inside Out

Ever had a day when everything just didn't go right. And I mean just one day.

I had, bar none, the most unluckiest day of my life. That was 21 February 2005. Without going into details, on February 21, I

01. Got my internet connection disconnected due to unpaid bills
02. Hit the car of the big big boss' son.
03. Had to turn in company car pending my driving evaluation
04. Only had 100 in my wallet (that's pesos; around US$2)
05. Busted my cellphone without cash to repair it (see no. 4)
06. Have no money to pay Lulu's tuition, still don't.
07. Money coming in all for paying past debts
08. Printer is busted
09. Screwed up a big project without hopes of saving it
10. Found out that Accounting will deduct me for something that shouldn't be. Have only a few days to rectify it before pay day.
10. Ulcer started acting up. (This was BEFORE all of this happened)
11. Big Boss casually tells me that the way I drive, I could get fired. This was before the hitting of the car.

And up to now, I still haven't recovered. Without my friends and love ones around, I'd probably collapse and just implode faster than a snowman during the hottest day in the Sahara Desert. I mean all of this in ONE day.

A MONDAY off all days.

Mondays should be deemed illegal.

Oh and based on the comments below, only 5 people regularly visit my site.