15 February 2005

Was it in the news?

Last Saturday while doing my rounds, I got an advice that EDSA was closed. It was surprising since that is the City's main road.

The section of EDSA near Roxas Blvd. was closed presumably because of a bomb that was discovered at the Japanese Embassy. I got this piece of news from some police sources I know (who even confirmed that they detonated the bomb) as well as some outlets I cover near the area.

It's scary because at that time, Lovapalooza was just beginning over at Roxas (although it was far, I was worried that there was also a bomb there).

Now, I don't know if this was covered by the news. It's important since this bomb last Saturday could have been a precursor to the bombing on Valentine's Day.


It was on the news. Too bad, the article has been removed.