27 April 2004

Bishop wants Pagcor abolished

"Dagupan Archbishop Oscar Cruz has called for the abolition of state-owned Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corp., saying that arguments against its continued operations have become stronger and clearer.

"Pagcor's social objective is pitiful compared to the havoc and shame it brings to the country. It distributes its daily earnings among 'official' recipients, as well as 'personal' beneficiaries," Cruz said in statement issued Monday....

He may be a good bishop but things like this just irks me no end. I mean the catholic church is the most hypocritical institution around. Before they go judge other people, they should look within their own...

"...Pagcor breeds graft and corruption when it rakes in millions from otherwise decent and honest private employees and public officials..." - Hell, in my opinion, this statement also applies to them!