20 March 2004

World Famous in the Philippines


Talk about a bad night! I went to Malate to pick up some stuff and meet a new manager in a bar.

As I got there, parking was horrible! Good thing I know all the parking attendants there and they found a space for me to park. It was a tight squeeze and took me twenty minutes or so while the malate crowd oggled on wondering who this no talent driver was.

I got off and walked towards the bar. I stopped to buy cigarrettes and whamo! I slipped into the CLOGGED gutter. I was wet and stinky up to my waist. And this is Friday night in Malate, so go figure, I think a thousand people so me do the swan.

I went back to my car with the purpose of going home and changing only to find out that I had locked the keys inside.

So, I took a cab, went home and changed. Tess was worried that I had to go back. Anyway, I did. I couldn't just leave the car in Malate over the weekend, could I? SO I hopped back into a cab and proceeded to Malate. Halfway there, I find out that I left all my cash at home. Small amount though, just 300 bucks. But still, I have nothing to pay the cab with. So I told the driver to stop by the nearest ATM (I'm not that dumb to leave my wallet). I check my account, guess what, only P180! I couldn't withdraw the 80 pesos. So go figure, the fare was already 79 so I paid the cab there and walked three blocks back to Nakpil St.

So if you think about it, I only have about 400 bucks to my name. The weekend is here and Gabbi wants to go out and celebrate her granduation (another worthy story to post, I think it would beat this one) from Kindergarden. I'll just bring her into a McDonalds and avoid National Bookstore.

I should be grumpy and grouchy this time, right. With all this happening. But guess what? I'm not. Know why? As I was coming home, my thought was that this one is a good story to send my bro and that we could laugh about it.

I think that's what family is for. To ease the pain and give strength.

Now, I wonder if the good will come in threes too....