30 March 2004

News 8 Austin | 24 Hour Local News | HEADLINES | All SPAM restaurant opens in the Philippines

All SPAM restaurant opens in the Philippines

Picked this up on the news wire. Actually Sassy Lawyer posted this a week or so ago. Another newsbit the world will know about us.

Let's see now, offhand, most of the world knows the ff:

1. We almost always vote our movie stars to public office.
2. We take "tasting" fifteen year olds, lightly.
3. We fiercely protect our image when it comes to foreigners criticizing us or our cities. (Claire Daines, Rob Schneider, etc. etc.) Wonder what the African-American community would feel when they see how we treat their culture in the movies (Whitney Tyson, Blackjack, Wilma Doesnt, etc. etc.)
4. We eat dogs. (Kind of passe' now but still is talked about in other countries)
5. Boracay's sewage system. (Old and outdated)
6. We love spam.