30 March 2004

The Blog Phenomenon


I knew a time would come when I have to question why I maintain this blog.

Now that I have found my brother, it has become more and more hard to post anything. And no, this is not going to be an April Fool's joke. God knows a lot of blogs will come out with a 'this is the last post' kind of thing. Right post. Wrong time.

Why do I blog? John Dvorak of PC Magazine came out with an article about it years ago. An article why people blog. Not why I blog. Silly rabbit.

Comments on my posts don't bother me anymore. Lack of comments, I mean. I don't mean that I don't appreciate them. I do. But I don't take it against anyone if I don't get any. Even site hits or inbound links are not that interesting. I average about 120 to 140 a day. Mostly google and search engines. (What is this fascination with nude pictures of Lala Montelibano?).

Before, I didn't know how to position this site. Is it going to be a portal for anything Philippines? Is it a daily log of my life? My opinions?

I still don't know. I just post whatever I think is interesting. Whether it's my life or the world around me.

There are blogs I really like. A Sassy Lawyer, cbs magic, J-Walk Blog, and Jet's A Cup of Deja Brew. It doesn't mean that the other listed in my blog links are not. It's that I always check these blogs more than once in a session. Jet's and cbsmagic stand out as my all time favorites. It's got sincerity, humor, and life. Ahhh, life.

I'm digressing. Why do I blog?

Ego? I don't have anything really desirable or successful to build an ego upon.

A stage for my opinions? Not really. I'm more comfortable venting my opinions with people I know and are in front of me.

Attention? I already get a lot with my "abilities". Even without my posts, google will still point people to Famous Philippine Scientists, Famous Filipino's, and other Philippinisms.

A mark? Something to prove that I exist? I got my family and nothing beats that.

What? Why do I blog?

I don't really adhere to that "A blog takes a life of it's own" crap. Everything has a reason behind it. I don't have one anymore for this blog. Maybe there is, maybe there isn't. I just don't see it. Maybe it's time to cash in my chips and walk away towards the sunset.

This blog will be nearing it's birthday. From baby steps to final steps. One year. It was one hell of a ride.