15 December 2003

I. What is an Asian blog?

With the introduction of the Asian Weblog Awards, there seems to be a discussion going on whether what defines a blog as Asian. Is it the nationality of the blogger? Where the blog is being posted from? The subject of the blog? Or is it the perception (my personal choice) the reader gets from the blog?

Sinta puts it more clearly in her post. Using her blog as an example.

(via Lockload.com)

II. The Asian Weblog Awards

As for the Asian Weblog Awards, my only beef with that is that it's like a pseudo-friendster award. More friends, more votes. It's more about popularity than content. No offense but that's how it is. For example, Schadenfreude is a better blog than others nominated but has only two votes (one vote coming from me). I'm not saying that it's the one that's supposed to win. But if a blog is part of a clique of bloggers and one isn't. Well, the whole thing becomes skewed...

And that's regardless on which blog is better.

The Philippine Webby Awards pre-screens it's nominees before opening the categories for voting. The Philippine Blog Awards does that too. There's a reason for that. The AWA should have pre-screened too.