16 December 2003

How'd I go from listening to Suicidal Tendencies to listening to Frank Sinatra?

"...They go:
Me and your mom have been noticing lately that you've been having a lot of
problems, you've been going off for no reason and we're afraid you're gonna
hurt somebody, we're afraid you're gonna hurt yourself.
So we decided that it would be in your interest if we put you somewhere
where you could get the help that you need.
And I go:
Wait, what do you mean, what are you talking about, we decided!? My best
interest?! How can you know what's my best interest is? How can you say what
my best interest is? What are you trying to say, I'm crazy? When I went to
your schools, I went to your churches, I went to your institutional learning
facilities?! So how can you say I'm crazy.

They say they're gonna fix my brain
Alleviate my suffering and my pain
But by the time they fix my head
Mentally I'll be dead

I'm not crazy - institutionalized
You're the one who's crazy - institutionalized
You're driving me crazy - institutionalized

They stuck me in an institution
Said it was the only solution
To give me the needed professional help
To protect me from the enemy, myself...

Suicidal Tendencies

So, I'm throwing out some junk when I stumbled upon one of my old cassette tapes. I even remember where I bought it; Rough Trade in SFO. Can't exactly remeber where that store is but I think it's near the Moscone Center or something. Anyway, It's all moldy now but it does bring back memories. (Was I even capable of making memories that time?) I really like this song. Any of you remember this? It was during the punk rock era. It was like my unofficial anthem during my rebel years. Man! Wonder how I'd react if my kids start liking this song. Still, it's cool up to now. This is one of those songs you can call timeless. Really.

Now I feel like having a Pepsi. Just a Pepsi.