01 December 2003


Remember a couple of posts ago when I posted about free domains? There were two. One was Dotph. and the other was Dottk.

Now, there's free webhosting! For three years! 500mb Web Space, 5GB Bandwidth, 50 POP email addresses, etc.etc.

Well, there is a catch. You need a US address. But there is a way to it.

Make sure you have a relative in the US waiting for your call or text message. Get his or her mailing address and phone number.

1. Go to the site.
2. Fill in the registration form.
3. Upon completion, you will be asked to put in the phone number. Do so.
4. Make sure your friend/relative is on the phone to wait for the confirmation number.
5. Have him/her call/email/sms you the 4 digit code.
6. Check your email for your user name and password.
7. Enter it on the site and voila! Free Webhosting for three years!

Hurry up though, the promo expires next month.

Thanks to Nat for the heads up on this)