02 December 2003


Ack! Ack! Ack!

I didn't get to win the Blogger Award for most Informative Blog. I totally wanted to win that too.

Anyway, I thought I had a fighting chance there. The winning blog, A Filipino Cooking & Recipes Journal really deserves it and is more appropriate for Most Informative than mine. I mean, my content are just links to other sites. Not really original there.

Check out the other winners over at the Philippine Blog Awards 2003.

And so as not to say that only winners thank God, I am now thanking God for the opportunity of not winning the Philippine Blog Awards.

By the way, I changed the format of the blog a couple of days ago if any of you haven't noticed. I post a somewhat personal blog and add two sites of interest. Been getting clamors to blog more about me than the sites. Don't know why but some people think my life is INTERESTING.