05 November 2003


It's been awhile since I shared anything personal in this blog. Maybe because I got carried away surfing for cool and interesting things. It does eat up a lot of time. And maybe also nothing really interesting has happened lately.

Really, compared to what I scrounge up from the web night after night, it just pales when put alongside my life. Still, it's time for those rare "what about me?" blogs.

Friends ask me what my goal in life is right now. I mean, I wanted to write and I ended up as one of the headwriters for a TV show (Points of View). I wanted to have lots of shoes (a filipino fetish, I might add) and I ended up as Country Manager for a US based shoe company (as much as 29 pairs, at one time!). I wanted to travel, I became a buyer for a Duty Free based company and spent two years stuck in planes. I just want to hang loose and enjoy working, now I end up in a liquor company visiting bars nightly. I have been featured in newspapers, been on radio, and on TV. The phrase Jack of all trades, does spring up. I mean, without boasting or anything, have you met a psychic, retail analyst, tv writer, sales manager, account executive, general manager, encoder, blogger person? I wonder what I'll be doing next?

Now, what is my goal? Let's rephrase it. What is my current goal?

Well, now I have only one. Win the Lottery Jackpot. As Steve Martin said,"One show..., goodbye...". I'm not getting any younger. Really. I have made an impression in all the things I have done and I feel that this time, I just want to step down and relax. And I mean, comfortably relax.

So, enough of this. And enough of me. Let's get back to the regularly scheduled posts....