05 November 2003

80's Lyrics Quiz: People are What?

Oooohh.... Better free up some time cause this site is a real time killer! I kid you not!

SO you think you love songs from the 80's do you? You from Generation X? Well see if you can fill in the lyrics from 100 songs and still be confident to say you're from our generation.

ex: You were working as a ________ in a _________ bar.
That's worth four points if you get it! which I did, of course.

Here in the Philippines, you'd get most of it if you hang around live bands, girlie bars, and had that funky hairstyle. Hairstyle you say? Well think, syete for the boys and bangs for the girls. Lots of bangs. And, oh yeah, the brushup.

I got 91 points! Think you can beat that?
And don't forget to put in my website as your referral for bonus points!!!!

(via The Presurfer)