17 April 2003


Hookay! Woke up early this morning planning to go to work and just kick back and who calls me? My boss! Asks me if I'm going to work* and my retort was, "I'm going, if you're going". Forgot the actual words but basically he tells me to just stay at home and just fix up some details Crank up the rig, It's Championship Manager time and Arsenal is going to kick major butt!

ACK!!! Championship Manager 4 is out! And I'm in the middle of the season in my game. Do I finish the season or do I seek the 4th? Hmmm....

Checked my email and got one a message on the zobel group. My batchmate, Lara, has a website (actually two) she wants us to check out. One is her homesite and the other is her artsite. Before you click and port out of my blog, do check the artsite first. So cool... And don't forget to sign in on the guestbook! Tell her I sent you. And I do mean the BOTH of you!

One thing missing on ATM's here in the Philippines is a coffee bar. And I mean part of the ATM itself. Does it really take that long to take out cash? Also avoid visiting one between 5:30pm and 8:pm on any salary day (10th, 15th, 25th, 30th). Unless of course your into tantric withdrawals (he..he..he..) I'm serious, the wait is so long that you might think Bill Gates is there really giving out money to those who forwarded his email. Or was it Disney?

* Here in the Philippines, the Holy Week from Maundy Thursday to Easter Sunday is a holiday. Our rule (actually, my rule) here is that the day before and the day after Holy Week is also considered one. Hence, Holy Wednesday, is technically a holiday. The Monday after Easter is also one. Productivity for these two days is basically the same as that of a five year old taking notes in a seminar on Thermonuclear Physics and it's effect on ants...