21 April 2003


Memento Poster - Click to enlargeHow do these five day weekends work? It's as if they never happened? I don't even remember what I did? Actually, this thought (and yes, I am able to think, ...at times) inspired me to take out that old dusty DVD of MEMENTO out the closet. Actually, I saw it before but never got to use (is that the word?) the disc. One thing about that movie...Memory IS treachery. That movie just grabs you from the first part (which is disorienting...) then wallops you a hard one at the end!!!! Which is even MORE disorienting. Too bad, Christopher Nolan (he's directing Batman: The Frightening!) took down the Official MEMENTO site. As far as I remember, the movie is not complete without a visit to that site. A LOT OF REVELATIONS THERE. Anyway, for more insights just follow this link to never never land!

So tomorrow is MONDAY! ( why is that a link to IBM?...hmmm Conspiracy here!) I didn't do squat the whole holiday, not even post. Borrowed the whole Band of Brothers DVD (no, not the Henry V thing, the Spielberg/Hanks thing) but didn't even get to pop it in, let alone take it out of the bag. I get too hyped up preparing for the holiday that when I am truly psyched up for it, it's gone... c'est la vie

Better make sure everyone meets up tomorrow and if people beg off, gotta find replacements. That Chemical thing really has to be up and running by the end of the week....

Okay, now for the other project, have to set up a lot of meetings for TS. That better jump start too. Don't tell me, don't tell me... I know Mercury Retrograde! Ain't that a female dog! (Can't link that, tis a pooorn site!)

Dang! I didn't even boot up any of my games except for Championship Manager. And that was just the beginning of the holiday!

Promised Ercs that I was going to fix up her website. Did that but wasn't really happy with it. Took it down and am designing a kick-ass one. Probably this weekend...