27 October 2013

The Cat in the Box - Schrodinger's Cat, Aliens, and the End of the World

Well, it seems we're coming into a slightly quiet season. After the summer, all seems down and droopy. So I just want to share some movies I have seen that may be worth your time.

I know it's all been done to shreds, these posts of interesting things to watch but heck, I still want to jump into that pool and share in the frolicks of pretension and superiority.


These past two months has me watching old movies, a splattering of new and new-ish ones. When I mean watch, I mean watch it from beginning to end without fast forwarding. Any movie I see that I have to wikipedia through the plot and jump to the end does not count.

For oldies, I watched 1978's Invasion of the Body Snatchers and Boogie Nights. The two really don't have a common thread except of course they were both set in California (San Fernando Valley for Boogie, San Francisco for Snatchers) but both movies in a way, portend change; how we deal with it. I know it is a stretch to say that an alien invasion and a movie about the porn industry are both saying change is inevitable but for me, it does.

In the new-ish category, I saw A Serious Man. It's a Cohen brothers movie from 2008 i think (too lazy to imdb it just now) and it came right after No Country For Old Men (or was it before?). Anyway, the movie has that calm before the storm kind of feel to it. And after watching the ending, I know why. The movie I guess is about moral choices and how spirituality or at the other end, science plays a big part. For the science geeks, the movie can be summarized as a guys moral choice that mimics Schrodinger's Cat experiment if the cat was God.

Machete Kills is camp good. It's one of the two new movies released this year that I have seen. Not as good as the first one but still good. Nothing really in the way of plot except that Machete kills while trying to save the world. Another movie I enjoyed was This Is The End. Just like Machete Kills, it's a fun movie about actors facing the end of the world. It has that reality tv kind of vibe since the actors play themselves which adds to the humor. THe first movie is about a Mexican Federal agent who saves the world and the other is about actors trying to survive the end of the world (cue Morisette's song). Oh and hey, Danny McBride truly rocks.

Oh and for movies I am on the look out for, I want to watch "In A World...". I hear its a comedy about those movie trailer voice actors. Hope that one's good.

How about you guys? Any recommendations?

Oh and sorry but I didn't feel like editing this at the moment. I'll probably come back and polish it but right now, I think this one's good to go