25 July 2013

Longevity Measured In Three Stripes

Wear the boot that Lionel Messi uses.

A running shoe with foam cushioning material that provides more energy return than any other in the running industry today.
An all around athletic shoe with technology that allows for 36-degree cooling for the entire foot.

Adidas is constantly incorporating the newest in material technology and structural design to bring out the best in sport performance.

Technology evolves continuously. New materials are created that enhance performance and Adidas is always at the forefront. From lightweight and sturdy materials, cutting edge support, and all around style, Adidas is at pace with incorporating this into their products.

But one thing has been a staple that technology cannot change. The three stripe logo of Adidas has been around since the inception of the company and will always be there.

A Study in Logo Design

Three stripes. It is one of the most recognized logos in the world today.

In 1949 when Adi Dassler registered his athletic shoe company in Germany, he wanted a logo on his shoe that is easily recognizable. But the Adidas logo does more than that. When incorporated into the shoe (or even in athletic clothing), the three stripes seem to add to the performance of the shoe. It gave an aura of added structure and support.

The logo has even transcended athletics and has also entered mainstream culture. Presumably started by popular rap group, Run DMC, Adidas clothing has become a fixture in the music scene from rap groups to club DJs. It added a coolness factor to the performers.

The three stripes made sense when incorporated into the shoe or clothing. The placement may be different from how logos are placed on clothes (running from the shoulder to the arms or on the outer sides of the pant leg) but the three stripes added a feel of motion and dynamics without being out of place.

An Amalgamation of time

Despite the logo being more than 60 years old, the three stripe logo has not tarnished or even shunned by the young generation. It is even embraced, a mark of being in style. Wearing the three stripes is as fashionable today as it was before.

It is no wonder that Adidas has not changed their logo more than three times in its entire history. And yet, during these changes, the three stripes has been a fixture.


The young generation has been and will always be fickle. They avoid the old and they are always on the lookout for things they can claim as their own; something that defines their generation.

Adidas has transcended that. All athletic companies boasts of the newest in technology, best in style and comfort, and being in fashion. And Adidas has consistently been in pace with all these.

And being 64 years old, the company still garners acceptance and is part of the current generation. That is a hard feat to do.

It may be because of the athletes who use their athletic wear like football hero Lionel Messi or tennis idol Andy Murray. It may be because of Rap Icons, Run DMC or even fashion designer Stella McCartney.

Some embrace the technology that Adidas offers like its Climacool technology or their BOUNCE running soles.

But as athletes and technology builds on the products, the three stripes will remain there. Adidas is a study on how to remain in the forefront of time, a testament of style, acceptance, and longevity.