16 April 2012

Hard Times

It's really hard to put on a happy face. It's been so long since I could even say I was comfortable in life.

Mind you, these past few years have taught me to tighten my belt and constrict myself into imaginable positions just to get through. But the funny thing is, why am I not losing weight?

I read somewhere that the body starts to adjust and accumulate fat when one has an irregular eating schedule. Maybe that's the case. I guess, poverty isn't really a guaranteed way to lose weight.

But I'm digressing. Whenever I get into those periods of despair and desperation (wait, that's the same thing, right?), I just turn to writing it out. Truth to tell, I don't even know why I still have hope and faith that things will get better, cause from where I'm standing, it doesn't look good. We're talking of Titanic proportions here. No more lifeboats and the ship is sinking.

Every man for himself.

But I'm not built like that. I have to hope. I have to keep getting up. I have to keep living.

Despite everything that's happening, people say I have a very positive outlook. If they only knew. I can't afford to wallow. No one can help. These are hard times, everyone else have their own problems. We all have to be strong.

Sorry for the rant, I just have to let it all out cause again, I can't afford to let all this negative vibes accumulate. It's like a boat that has taken on water, you have to keep pumping that water out or sooner or later, it's all gonna flood in.

Tomorrow's Monday. Hope I get through the week with minimal problems.