21 December 2011


My daughter was near death when out of the blue, I was blindsided.

It occurred to me that some people are just downright mean inside. And no matter how sincere the gesture is, it will always be wrapped up in darkness.

I always believed that everyone is good and all they need is just understanding and patience. I have friends who have at times taken advantage of me but when push comes to shove, they were there to help. And there are some I have no strength to understand or even be patient with but overall, I feel that they aren't that bad. Just misunderstood.

No one would deliberately hurt anyone without reason. But I was wrong. It's not everyone. There will always be some that are just plain bad and evil. Regardless.

I had to go through a real harrowing experience just to understand this. But as my hands are tied, I have to eat crow for a real misjudgment of character. My fault totally. No one to blame but me. I have to carry this cross until all is settled.

Still, I feel sorry for the person. A whole life to live to spread malice and pain is not one I would wish on anybody. Because as anyone would say, you get back ten times more than what you dish out.

What I cannot forgive is making me doubt my core belief about the goodness in everyone.