08 October 2011

US envoy Harry Thomas Jr. apologizes for sex remark

MANILA, Philippines – Malacanang now considers “a closed case” the controversy caused by US Ambassador Harry Thomas’ remarks that 4 out of 10 male tourists come to the Philippines to engage in sex tours.
Presidential Spokesperson Edwin Lacierda made the remarks after Foreign Affairs Secretary Albert Del Rosario disclosed that the ambassador has expressed his regret over the statement with an admission that it was without sufficient basis.
“We consider this a closed case but our fight against trafficking continues. We will continue to prosecute those who would take advantage of our people and our young ones,” Lacierda said on radio.
Source: Inquirer
Well, I do understand why the US Ambassador has to apologize for the remark.

But it is off putting that when we want an apology, we are adamant about it. We still haven't apologized for the Hong Kong hostage incident even if the HK gov't are demanding for it. Think about it, US Ambassador remarks that the Philippines is a destination for sex tourism we ask for an apology. Eight HK nationals killed by an enraged ex-police officer and we are tight lipped and nonchalant in issuing a public apology.

We really have to change our ways.