16 June 2011

Incoming Rant

Last week, things were doing alright for me and this little side project I had.

Until about last Wednesday.

All the hard work I put in was dashed to pieces. Because one person became too cocky with his role. I made the mistake of trusting him. Thinking he did all the pertinent back checks and everything.

With all his horn blowing and self appreciation, it all came down to nothing.

Sad part is, he didn't even apologize. Not even acknowledge that it was his mistake.

That's what really gets me.

I had to account to other people who until now, can't understand why the project failed. How can I explain that this was all screwed up because one person, one person just didn't take it seriously enough to do a good job.

It's not even a hard, his role in the project. He just had to confirm something that was said in a meeting. He was too busy stomping his boots like the jolly green giant that he didn't really care if what he told us was verified or not.

And because of that one crucial fact, we were building up the project incorrectly. There's a slim chance it's still salvageable. But the way things are playing out, we're neck deep in crap.

Oh well, I do hope that his overcompensated ego and overvalued performance gets him far. And I mean far.

Far away from me, that is.