24 September 2010

The Egg Salad Experiment

Ever get struck with selective hunger? It's the kind of hunger that can only be sated by eating something specific.

It's not like craving. Craving is just that. Craving.

Selective hunger is hunger. Hunger on a different level. No matter what I eat, I'm still hungry. And unless I eat that specific thing, that hunger will grow. Don't fight it, you'd be bloated hungry which will drive you absolutely crazy.

Well, the other day, I got hit with SHS (Selective Hunger Syndrome). And the culprit? Egg Salad Sandwich.

To save up some time and mix this post up a bit, let me present you the outcome in a recipe type format. (Actually, I'm just lazy to type out real sentences)

The Egg Salad Experiment

1. Open fridge
2. Get eggs.
3. Put eggs in pan with water and start to boil.
4. Discover that there's no mayonnaise
5. Try to stop boiling eggs only to find out it's too late since the water is way past warm.
6. Resume boiling eggs.
7. Find out that there's no relish, mustard, chives, and just about anything to put in an egg salad sandwich.
8. Search fridge to find a bottle of whole pickles one month shy of expiry.
9. Grab one pickle and start chopping.
10. Chop up 1/4 of an onion.
11. Peel hardboiled eggs. Put em in a bowl and mash em.
12. Add in the pickle/onion combo.
13. Get excited about the idea of putting the pickle juice into the egg mixture
14. Kick yourself for pouring out the pickle juice while trying to get that one pickle out awhile ago.
15. Grab the butter and add em to the egg salad.
16. Resist the idea of putting some cooking oil into the mixture to moisten it a bit.
17. Stare reluctantly into the egg mixture. Stop thinking of cooking oil, barbecue sauce, catsup, or even peanut butter as a substitute for mayo.
18. Toast some bread
19. Prepare the sandwich.
20 Offer em to the kids. Watch kids eat the sandwich and ask em if it tastes ok.
21. Watch them change their faces. And place the sandwiches back to the plate.
22. Finish up the left over sandwiches.
23. Go back to the mixture and put salt and pepper into it to taste.
24. Add a bit more salt and pepper.
25. Refrigerate and hope that someone would find it and eat it all up.