07 January 2009

Technology at it's finest


The days when human organs used for transplants are stored in plastic bags and placed in Styrofoam containers are numbered. Organ Transport Systems, Inc (OTS) developed a human organ preservation technology that will dramatically improve the quality and increase the availability of vital organs.

Called Life Cradle™, it will drastically elevate a US$ 9 Billion dollar industry by improving the preservation and transportation of human organs by 80% of current US statistics. More so, the cost of Life Cradle ™ is just around 25% of current competing technologies.

As of the present, organs can only be stored up to 4 hours before transplant of which only 35% of organs procured are actually used. OTS Chairman and CEO, Michael B. Holder, stated that post-procurement life of organs can be extended up to 4 times longer with Life Cradle™. Prolonging the storage of organs will dramatically increase the number of lives that can be saved.

The Oxford Group of Unilion Development Group (UDG), a private equity firm, led by Jerome Gentolia, is in talks with OTS to finance the project. Mr. Gentolia, whose wife is a heart transplant coordinator at Montefiore Medical Center, got interested in the project because of his familiarity with the industry and the personalities behind OTS.

According to Gentolia, “Life Cradle™ is a perfect example of what UDG looks for in a project; a focused company, innovative technology and a direct benefit to people around the world…”.

The OTS roster boasts of the top men in their respective field. Michael B. Holder, prior to his role in OTS, ran the Technology Solutions business for Premier, Inc, an $18 Billion healthcare company.

The OTS Board of Directors consists of:
• Tommy G. Thompson, former Secretary of Health and Human Services;
• Gene A. Pierce, founder of United Network for Organ Sharing (UNOS) and the South East Organ Procurement Foundation;
• Marvin J. Slepian MD, Director of Interventional Cardiology and the Director of the Tissue Engineering Laboratory at the University of Arizona Sarver Heart Center

OTS is founded by Hyman P. White, whose international experience includes the complete development of master health care plans for both Malaysia and Indonesia. He currently serves as Executive Vice President of OTS.

Jerome Gentolia is the Chief Operating Officer of Unilion Oxford Group and also the Senior Vice President of Unilion Development Group, a private equity firm. He can be reached at jgentolia@uhl-unilion.com

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