05 November 2008

When will we ever really really really learn?

A week or so after a bus accidentthat made headlines and supposedly instituted changes, another bus kills 6 and injures 56.
Less than a year after a ship capsizes and with hundreds dead, a ferry accident kills forty. This after news and headlines crying for maritime reform.

Are we a nation doomed to just keep jogging in this vicious circle?

We always forget the mistakes of the past. Media doesn't help either. It seems they feel that news should be treated as entertainment more than anything else. Ever notice how showbiz news get equal, sometimes even more airtime than current events?

We are slowly being programmed to be numb and indifferent to what's happening around us.

The villains of the past, strut around like they are heroes for the present. Thieves acting noble. Murderers preaching religious. Tyrants acting saintly. And yet we fall back on morality based on outdated and medieval practices.

As long as the money and donations flow continuously to the Church and it's countless iterations, denominations, congregations, it is acceptable to keep the nation in the dark ages. So much for moral saviors.

Disinformation, misdirection, and corruption seems to be norm here. It's everyone for himself. The most one can get at any means possible. In a couple of months, no one will remember or care anyway. It's sad. No one cares.

We are a beaten people. We lost to our own indifference and ignorance.

We need change. Dammit! We need change.

And no one right now has the balls to institute it.

Tonight, I fight for change.