23 October 2008

Philippine milk makes you dumb

Seems here in the Philippines, there's something worse in milk than melamine.

A newspaper ad for Mead Johnson's Enfakid claims that drinking their milk makes one smart.

It shows the following formula: 9+5x2-(7x2)=14. and on the corner is the Enfakid logo. Basically, the answer should have been 5. But drinking Enfakid makes the answer 14, it seems.

With the current state of things in the country, I'd assume everyone in government grew up on Enfakid. Oh wait.. maybe it's a prerequisite.


Now the people responsible are saying it's a marketing ploy. And that the mistake was intentional.

These guys really have no respect at all. They look at us like we are dumb and ignorant. Rather than apologize or acknowledge the mistake, they hide it in the guise of an ad campaign.

The supposed campaign doesn't even fit the ad. The theme/message they supposedly want to convey didn't come across. But still, will they continue with this charade? It's scary what these people are capable of when given the right opportunities.

I say, just apologize and move along.

Via Facing the Sunshine